Catford Sidings announces independence

Catford Sidings has announced its independence from mainland Catford but some lawyers doubt whether this is constitutional.

In a shock move, Catford Sidings Parish Council announced independence at a lunchtime press conference. 

We're fed up to the back teeth with being confused with Catford, said Council Leader Grim Opnorth. We're nothing to do with Catford which has been living off our oil reserves and comedy festival for years. 

But not everyone in Catford Siding agrees with the change. 

I've lived in both Catford and Catford Sidings, said Mrs Punice Shingshedule currently of Wide Sweepings. Quite frankly, I couldn't tell the difference. 

I think it will be very confusing for the cats, said Sean Connery of the Bahamas. How will they find their way home. I do hope the council has thought this through. 

I've looked at Google Maps, said Tom Tomnavigation of the Lower Crunch estate. I can't find Catford Sidings anywhere.  
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