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All cheese Friday: live blog

All the cheese that's fit to eat: 

10:31 All Cheese Friday: Dutch cheese farmers uncertain about new technology have been told 'edamed if you do, edamed if you don't.' 

10:02 After Prince Charles was gunked in goats' cheese, Welsh tractor drivers have been told to drive more Caerphilly 

9:58 After a £10m research programme, scientists have concluded that cheese straws are not as effective as plastic ones. 

9:57 It has been pointed out that the Queen says Cheese day comes after Monday but it's too late because it's already AllCheeseFriday 

9:41 Firemen in Bulgaria have used cheese to smother a fire in a bread factory. In other news: The world cheese-on-toast record is now held by a group of fire fighters from Bulgaria. 

9:31 A man who is attempting to eat nothing but cheese for a year has been told by doctors that he's crackers.  

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